G-local Hubs for young people

G-local Hubs for young people

For these second results, all the partners have developed G-local hubs and activities related to sustainable fashion. In order to disseminate the activities and implement them in the various countries, a toolbox and a toolkit have been created. In total, 25 activities have been developed, and over 150 young people have been involved in these activities!

G-Local Hubs are safe and inclusive itinerary spaces, born to stimulate young people. They turn into action the creativity-oriented approach developed under PR1 in order to facilitate the organisation of activities for young people, using sustainable fashion as an instrument.

The main goals of the G-Local Hubs are to:

  • stimulate critical thinking, and based on this, also behavioral change and motivation to sustain this behavioral change;
  • promote the acquisition of youth entrepreneurship skills through sustainable fashion;
  • stimulate creativity;
  • create sense of belonging to a community;
  • stimulate a change of mind and perspective towards a green transition and an ethical approach to the fashion world.

Take inspiration from our activities toolkit to create spaces and moments of inclusion for young people, fostering reflection and creativity on sustainable fashion.

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