International Network Hub and EU Leaderboard Challenges

International Network Hub and Leaderboard Challenges for EU Youth strategy

The objective of this third result is to create an International Network Hub of organisations and stakeholders acting in the creative, sustainable fashion, youth and educational fields to support the exchange of good practices and the collaboration development of new actions targeted to young people.

To this end, about 50 international stakeholders are participating in this networking initiative. Below, you can discover their multimedia presentation profiles to get to know them better and establish connections or even explore new collaborations. To facilitate cooperation, there is an accessible Telegram group (see QR-Code below). Soon, you will discover the action plans and commitments on the Leaderboard Challenges for EU Youth, developed by stakeholders and young participants during our participatory word cafes on November 20th and 22nd, 2023!

The aim of this network and its collaborations is to continue over time and promote a social impact for young people, even after the project’s completion.

Do you want to join our Telegram group for the International Network Hub on sustainable fashion to exchange or collaborate with other stakeholders? Scan the QR CODE for access to the group!

International Network Hub

Here are all the profiles of our participating stakeholders in our International Network Hub on sustainable fashion. To get to know them better, click on the ‘business card’ to access a multimedia presentation of their profile.

Flipbook: Discover all the results and actions of our NETWORK HUB

Through this Flipbook, discover what we have been able to achieve during this third outcome: guidelines to form a community of sustainable fashion actors, a sharing platform for Network Hub, online events, action plans co-developed to respond to the challenges of young people linked to the EU youth strategy in terms of eco-sustainability, quality of learning, inclusive societies and gender equality.